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2013 Generic Medium Class Multifunction Command SUV

Pck. No. 5040546
29.99 USD

The older version to the 2016 Medium Class SUV, but no less capable! With looks, everyone knows and loves, and all the equipment you'll ever need on a fire call, this thing is ready to hit the streets and sleep in the station for extended periods of time ;). 

Extras & Features

  • NEW Modkit Utilization for Grille & Wrap options!
  • Fully individually templated light emissives, FULL light customization
  • Toggleable Rambar, Rambar Wrap
  • Toggleable Rambar Mounted Scene Light
  • Toggleable and animated Roof Mounted Spotlight.
  • Realistic Wobble Antennas
  • Realistic, working mirrors
  • Working Tow Hitch
  • Toggleable Kussmaul & Roof Solar Panel Power
  • Toggleable Lightbar Mounted Command Light
  • Working, Templated, Breakable Windows and Body

Versions Included

  • All Red Version
  • Endless customization via light & glass templates

This model does include LOD's.
Counts are as follows, in polygons:

File sizes are as follows:

This model is slated for future updates, revisions, and bug fixes.

Credits for various parts, textures, and other various assets included on this product, in no particular order:
Kane104- Liberty lightbar 
ZZ-  SUV Base
CEO-  XLP Visor Bar ; Ions; Rambar & wrap
Five0- Mirror Beams
CJ24- Cencom controller; Dashcamera
KLE0- Havis Laptop
Steve6645- Fire equipment
Jakub- Radio ; Radar
Limited- Livery design

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