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2016 Generic 5500 Class Fire Brush Truck

Pck. No. 5044936
29.99 USD

This truck is no force to be reckoned with. In crew cab format, it can carry all your crew, and also fight the biggest forest fires there are. With a state-of-the-art powertrain, looks to kill, and all the equipment you need, this is perfect for any northern fire fleet.

Extras & Features

  • Fully Custom, Ground up Made Brush Truck Rear end Assembly.
  • 5 Animated & Openable Rear Brush Doors. Fully Equipped.
  • Toggleable Kussmaul Plug (Closed, open with wire when parked in a station)
  • Toggleable & Moveable Spotlight
  • Fully Working Front-mounted Attack sprayer hose
  • Realistic Wobble Antennas
  • Realistic, Moving, and Templated Mudflaps
  • Folding out realistic pump control panel, fully detailed with gauges
  • Toggleable Rambar & Rambar Wrap
  • Realistic, working mirrors
  • Working, Templated, Breakable Windows
  • Realistic Strobe Lightbar pattern
  • Toggleable Rear Scene Lighting

Versions Included

  • All Red Version

This model does include LOD's.
Counts are as follows, in polygons:

File sizes are as follows:

This model is slated for future updates, revisions, and bug fixes.

Credits for various parts, textures, and other various assets included on this product, in no particular order:
RoegonTV- Rear brush cab ; Hoze nozzle
CEO- Liberty lightbar
Kane104- Original truck base

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