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2020 Generic 5500 Class Off-Road 4x4 Fire Brush Trucks - Crew & Single Cab

Pck. No. 5045709
49.99 USD

The all mighty, big boy, off-road, up fitted brush trucks. Outfitted with the best in lighting, lift, and leveling kits, big wheels and tires, and everything you need to fight a brush fire, this thing is ready to take on any terrain in the state. Equipped with modkits for ultimate customization along with extras, this is the real deal!

Extras & Features

  • NEW Modkit Utilization for Bumper, Rear, and Grille options!
  • Fully working realistic rollup doors w/ free addon script
  • Fully individually templated light emissives & light module glass ; FULL light customization
  • Fully working front mounted water cannon w/ light
  • Toggleable Side and Rear Pioneer Scene Lights
  • Toggleable and templated Front & Rear chevrons
  • Realistic Wobble Antennas
  • Realistic, working mirrors
  • Working Tow Hitch
  • Changeable wheel color via wheel color options
  • Working, Templated, Breakable Windows and Body

Versions Included

  • Red & Blue
  • Endless customization via light & glass templates.

This model does include LOD's.
Counts are as follows, in polygons:

File sizes are as follows:

This model is slated for future updates, revisions, and bug fixes.

Credits for various parts, textures, and other various assets included on this product, in no particular order:
Kane104- Original RAM Base
Peralta- Single cab conversion; Skeeter rear, bumper & hose nozzle, interior equipment; rims & tires
Robert- Skeeter rear, bumper & hose nozzle, interior equipment; rims & tires 
Five0- Legacy Lightbar
Jakub- Cencom Controller ; Radio
CJ24- Toughbook Laptop

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