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2016 Generic 1500 Class LEO Truck Pack

Pck. No. 5047702
74.99 USD

The truck we all know and love from 2018, is back and better than ever with a fresh new, redesigned accurate base stacked with the best equipment in town. Don't underestimate this Chevy, it can do anything you put it to. Tow, off-road, or even be a street princess in the city.

Extras & Features

  • Toggleable Lightbar
  • Toggleable Visor bar.
  • Toggleable Deck light
  • Toggleable & Moveable Spotlight
  • Realistic & Moving front Tow winch hook
  • Realistic Wobble Antennas
  • Toggleable Rambar & Rambar Wrap
  • Completely accurate and realistic themed lighting packages
  • Toggleable Bedcap w/ openable rear bed cap window
  • Realistic, working mirrors
  • Working, Templated, Breakable Windows
  • Toggleable DECKED Drawer Organizer; Also Openable via Hood
  • Toggleable Toolbox
  • Toggleable Backrack

Versions Included (All included with purchase)

  • Red and Blue Version
  • All Blue Version
  • Civilian Version

Lighting Versions (Purchased Individually)

  • RX2700
  • Valor
  • Liberty

This model does not include LOD's.
Counts are as follows, in polygons:

File sizes are as follows:

This model is not slated for future updates, revisions, and bug fixes.

Credits for various parts, textures, and other various assets included on this product, in no particular order:
Kane104- Liberty lightbar ; Valor Lightbar
Hurk-  Truck Base
CEO-  XLP Visor Bar ; Ions
CJ24- Cencom controller; Dashcamera; Visor Bars; Toughbook laptop
BillyJ- Winch
Dan with da van- Code 3 Lightbar
Jakub- Radio ; Radar
Limited- Livery design

All purchases are final; no refund or returns are offered at any point.