2022 Security Pack REMASTERED

$ 179.99
This model utilizes cfx.re asset encryption, therefore:
- This model will work with FiveM ONLY.
- This model will NOT work in singleplayer.
- Ownership transfer is permanent.
- YFT files can NOT be open within OpenIV.

You can't just forget about your security team! Bring your security company to the next level with the all-new Security Pack! Featuring 8 stylish, modern vehicles with the best modern equipment and lighting, these things are hard to miss on any property you are protecting. Coming with 2 sets of skins to match the ingame security companies, customizable vanity plates, tons of modkits you know and love, and some of the highest quality content yet, look no further than this pack!


  • 2018 Generic 4 Door Sports Sedan Security Car (Charger)
  • 2014 Generic 4 Door Sports Sedan Security Car (Charger)
  • 2018 Generic 4 Door PPV Sedan Security Car (FPIS)
  • 2013 Generic 4 Door Sedan Security Car (Caprice)
  • 2020 Generic Medium Class SUV Security Car (FPIU)
  • 2016 Generic Medium Class SUV Security Car (FPIU)
  • 2013 Generic Medium Class SUV Security Car (FPIU)
  • 2019 Generic Medium Class SUV Security Car (Tahoe)

Extras & Features

  • Toggleable Lightbar
  • Toggleable Rear TA, Visor bar
  • FULL Emergency Lighting Template with Siren Labels
  • Included wheel modpack
  • Rotateable, working spotlight
  • Toggleable wobble antennas
  • Templated vanity plates as modkits
  • Toggleable rambar with rambar wrap modkits
  • Included 2 sets of skins, Gruppe Sechs & Securo Serv Themed

Versions Included

  • Amber
  • Endless Versions accomplished with including LIGHTING TEMPLATE

This model does include LOD's.
Counts are as follows, in polygons:

File sizes are as follows:

This model is slated for future updates, revisions, and bug fixes.

Credits for various parts, textures, and other various assets included on this product, in no particular order:
GeorgieMoon-  FPIS; Tahoe ; Charger Bases ; Rambars; Wheel pack
Peralta- 18 Charger base; CVPI Base contributions
Cartres- CVPI Base contributions
Robert- CVPI Base contributions
Kane104- Allegiant ; FPIU bases;
CEO- Rambar & wraps
arab brother- Livery design ; Plates
CJ24- Laptop System
Jakub- Radio , Siren controller