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2022 Whelen Liberty 1 Truck Addon Pack

Pck. No. 5348861
99.99 USD

For those that want a little more spice in their fleet, we are happy to present the 2022 Whelen Liberty 1 Pack Truck Addon vehicles! These trucks pack a punch with the same Multi-Function features as the main pack, including but not limited to appearance modkits, Interior mods, Rambar wrap options, roof antennas, ALPR's, and more. All trucks come with both a Non-Bedcap version, upfitted with optional Toolbox (Openable) and backrack, or a Bedcap version, with a fully equipped slide-out storage unit, for no extra cost. Including all the normal premium features such as Lighting templates, included skins (2 sets), window and body templates for your own design, and even wheel options.


  • 2022 Generic 250 Class Truck (F250)
  • 2018 Generic 150 Class Truck (F150)
  • 2016 Generic 2500 Class Truck (RAM)
  • 2020 Generic 2500 Class Truck (RAM)

Extras & Features

  • Fully Templated Lighting allowing for ENDLESS Light Color Possibilities!
  • TONS AND TONS OF MODKITS! Including but not limited to, Rambar wraps, antenna options, lightbar ALPR and Roof ALPR options, and appearance mods.
  • Addon wheel options for most vehicles within the pack
  • 2 Versions included- NON BEDCAP & BEDCAP versions for no extra charge.
  • Fully Optimized with +hi YTD's , LOD's, (See Individual Model listings for specific details)
  • Toggleable Lightbar, Visor Bar, And Deck Light
  • Toggleable Rambar, with 3-5 Wrap options via Modkits
  • Toggleable & moveable Spotlight
  • Toggleable Interior parts, Including but not limited to, Partition, Dashcam, Radar, and Laptop
  • Over 7 Different Antenna Options, Small, Medium, and Large on Roof and Trunk.
  • Lightbar ALPRs & Trunk ALPR options via modkits.
  • Working Mirrors, Gauges, and Breakable glass throughout the pack
  • Fully Templated Body & Windows
  • 2 Pre-made Skins included with the pack
  • Openable, Animated, Trunk Drawer on Bedcap Version
  • Towing on all trucks.

Versions Included

  • Red & Blue
  • All Blue
  • Endless Versions accomplished with including LIGHTING TEMPLATE

This model does include LOD's.
Counts are as follows, in polygons:


File sizes are as follows:


This model is slated for future updates, revisions, and bug fixes.

Credits for various parts, textures, and other various assets included on this product, in no particular order:
GeorgieMoon-  F150, F250 Bases
Krul- Partitions
Peralta- Toolbox
MiikeMQ- Rear TA
GTAxBoss- Backrack
Chungah- Rambar, Partition
Kane104- ALPR's ; Liberty 1 Lightbar
Hanako-  Bedcap
Razer- Rear Trunk Slideout
Deputy Jones- Lightbar ALPR mounts
Limited- Livery design
arab brother- Livery design
CJ24- Dashcam; Laptop System; Front and rear visor bars; Siren controller; Liberty Lightbar edits
Joshua Tanner- Battery Jumper
Jakub- Radio ; Radar; Roof ALPRS

All purchases are final; no refund or returns are offered at any point.