2018 Generic 150 Class Game Warden Truck

$ 29.99
Lighting Script Compatible. This vehicle is compatible with the current version of the RNM Lighting Script.
32 siren script required. This vehicle requires the user of the SirenSetting Limit Adjuster to view all lights.
This model utilizes cfx.re asset encryption, therefore:
- This model will work with FiveM ONLY.
- This model will NOT work in singleplayer.
- Ownership transfer is permanent.
- YFT files can NOT be open within OpenIV.

The Game Wardens, riding around in offroad-looking style, and ready to catch any poachers in the state. This game warden truck is ready for duty, featuring compatibility with our in-house lighting system included with purchase, immerse yourself and have the functions you need on the scene.

Extras & Features

  • Fully templated body (of course), windows
  • Includes Redneck Lighting System, a fully custom system with ELS-like features to allow for stages, park pattern, auto park pattern & sync, flood, and so much more, with a innovate UI designed to look like the real thing, with sounds.
  • Lighting template for full emergency light customization
  • Working & Rotateable GOLIGHT ontop of lightbar
  • Rambar flood lights
  • Tons of appearance modkit options such as grille sets, bumpers, trim packages, toolboxes, and more!
  • Detailed Interior
  • Openable rear DECKED cargo drawer
  • Working tow hitch
  • Realistic, working mirrors.
  • Wobble Antennas

Versions Included

  • Red & Blue
  • Endless customization with included lighting template

This model does include LOD's.
Counts are as follows, with all extras enabled, in polygons:
L0- 251,758
L1- 80,637
L2- 53,414
L3- 13,035
L4- 280

File sizes are as follows:
YFT- 5,228KB
YTD (Including 4k Skin)- 9,150KB
YFT_hi- 8,087KB
YTD+hi- 3,640KB

This model is slated for future updates, revisions, and bug fixes.

Credits for various parts, textures, and other various assets included on this product, in no particular order:
GeorgieMoon- Base model
DeputyJones- Radio Holder, EZPass, Rims, Lightbar Edits
Roegon- M7 Lightheads
Kane104- Lightbar
CJ24- Laptop, Interior Guns
GTAxBoss- Backrack, Rambar
Jakub-Siren Controller
Robert- Winch
Terry Soloman- Toolbox's
Razer- Scene Lights, DECKED Drawer, Gunrack
tolerants- Livery