2018 Generic 150 Class Game Warden Truck K9 Variant

$ 29.99
This model utilizes cfx.re asset encryption, therefore:
- This model will work with FiveM ONLY.
- This model will NOT work in singleplayer.
- Ownership transfer is permanent.

The Game Wardens, riding around in offroad-looking style, and ready to catch any poachers in the state. This game warden truck is ready for duty, and biting, featuring compatibility with our in-house lighting system included with purchase, immerse yourself and have the functions you need on the scene, and a nice cage for your fluffy, sometimes angry friend, your K9 partner!

Extras & Features

  • Fully templated body (of course), windows
  • Includes Redneck Lighting System, a fully custom system with ELS-like features to allow for stages, park pattern, auto park pattern & sync, flood, and so much more, with a innovate UI designed to look like the real thing, with sounds.
  • Lighting template for full emergency light customization
  • Working & Rotateable GOLIGHT ontop of lightbar
  • Rambar flood lights
  • Tons of appearance modkit options such as grille sets, bumpers, trim packages, toolboxes, and more!
  • Detailed Interior
  • Openable rear DECKED cargo drawer
  • Working tow hitch
  • Realistic, working mirrors.
  • Wobble Antennas

Versions Included

  • Red & Blue
  • Endless customization with included lighting template

This model does include LOD's.
Counts are as follows, with all extras enabled, in polygons:
L0- 246,391
L1- 81,565
L2- 54,095
L3- 13,035
L4- 280

File sizes are as follows:
YFT- 5,356KB
YTD (Including 4k Skin)- 9,563KB
YFT_hi- 7,995KB
YTD+hi- 3,646KB

This model is slated for future updates, revisions, and bug fixes.


Credits for various parts, textures, and other various assets included on this product, in no particular order:
GeorgieMoon- Base model
DeputyJones- Radio Holder, EZPass, Rims, Lightbar Edits
Chungah- K9 Cage
Roegon- M7 Lightheads
Kane104- Lightbar
CJ24- Laptop, Interior Guns
GTAxBoss- Backrack, Rambar
Jakub-Siren Controller
Robert- Winch
Terry Soloman- Toolbox's
Razer- Scene Lights, DECKED Drawer, Gunrack
tolerants- Livery