Liberty 1 Lightbar

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Development assets are sold "as-is". It is assumed if you purchase this product you possess the necessary knowledge to install/use it.
Redneck Modifications assumes no liability for any damages or unintended consequences that result from installation or use of this product.

Lightbar comes scaled to accurate dimensions, and includes the 48" & 54" variant. There are standard practices that were used to build Liberty bars, but you can pick and choose your own modules. A screenshot of the required material order is included.


3 Glass options

  • Standard glass (clear)
  • Standard glass (colored)
  • Segmented glass

2 Endcap Options

  • Gen1 endcaps (cutout)
  • Gen2 endcaps

2 Mounting Options

  • Static mounts (older)
  • Adjustable mounts (newer)

3 Takedown Options

  • Halogen reflectors
  • LR11s (3-LED)
  • 12 LED floods

3 Alley Options

  • Halogen reflectors
  • MR11 Halogens
  • LR11s (3-LED)


  • Rear TIR6 modules
  • Shorter 12 diode corner modules (for use with larger halogen alley lights)
  • Blank filler module

There are too many configurations to say this accurately, but:

- Your bar will most likely end up between 12k-18k for L0

- The L1 & L2 are VERY optimized

Much appreciation for those who helped me along the way. Shouts out to CEO, Cj24, Five0, GTAxB0SS, and Patrol31 for all of their support. 

They provided reference pictures, advice, feedback, and testing to help this model come to fruition. They encouraged me to really push myself past my "comfort zone" of modeling and especially texturing.

- Whelen Engineering Co. for original design

- Roegon for 3-D model and textures