Introducing the new way to get your vehicles every month... with the new Redneck Vehicle Subscription! Learn more here.


No need to break the bank, we offer 5 tier levels where you can get some or even all of our vehicles in store for a set rate per month.

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  • All Single-Function LEO
  • All DOT & Civilian Vehicles
  • Custom lighting script
  • Monthly new content
  • Custom Discord Roles



  • All vehicles in store
  • 20+ custom sirens
  • Custom lighting script
  • Monthly new content
  • Dedicated Support
  • Custom Discord Roles



  • All LEO Category Vehicles
  • Custom lighting script + more
  • Monthly new content
  • Custom Discord Roles

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Easy to Install

Our vehicles now come fully FiveM ready! Just drag and drop all the files into your server and enjoy!

Content Security

Our vehicles now utilize the encryption system provided by with additional ownership validation through Tebex, so what you're buying is exclusive!


We put an emphasis on optimization. We want to make sure your server's performance is not impacted by our content. We provide optimization details for each product on its respective product page.

Instant Delivery

Digital files are delivered to you immediatley upon purchase! You will receive any updates or bugfixes for all of the content you purchase automatically in your inbox if needed over time.

Product Support

We have partnered with Sonoran Systems to offer top-tier customer support unmatched in our industry. Our customer support representatives will be happy to assist you in diagnosing any issues you may have with our products.

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January 2023 Vehicle Content Update

Our first official content update for our Store Subscribers! Introducing the Redneck Modifications Lighting system, allowing for lifelike lighting functions, such as park pattern, sync, stages, and so much more! Compatible with the Game Warden trucks this update. Alongside that, we are happy to introduce the municipal plow truck, and of course the Game Warden Trucks, with K9 Variants.