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WE AINT STOPPIN! The all-new 2022 Whelen Liberty 1 Pack and Whelen Liberty 1 Addon Truck Pack are OUT NOW!
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    Our vehicles now come fully FiveM ready! Just drag and drop all the files into your server and enjoy!

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    Our vehicles now utilize the encryption system provided by Cfx.re with additional ownership validation through Tebex, so what you're buying is exclusive!

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    We put an emphasis on optimization. We want to make sure your server's performance is not impacted by our content. We provide optimization details for each product on its respective product page.

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    Digital files are delivered to you immediatley upon purchase! You will receive any updates or bugfixes for all of the content you purchase automatically in your inbox if needed over time.

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All new, 2022 Whelen Liberty 1 Pack

The Multi-Function line deliveres once again with the tride and true, Liberty lightbar. This pack is the new modern standard for multi-function, featuring more modkits then you can think of, ability to go fully marked and unmarked in 1 car, full lighting template, and much more, while looking good doing it.